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Rise Park Out of School Club


last updated 17th July 2016


Wow, what a year!

There have been lots of changes at Rise Park, including it's Academy status and the school continues to go from strength to strength.

A holiday club is now available, run by the amazing John Woodhall whom the children all adore so please see the information provided under our holiday club link.

The children have been an absolute joy and we will be really sad to wave goodbye to the year sixes and those that are moving out of the area. But we will soon be welcoming the new reception children and it's always lovely to meet the new little ones and settle them in.

Last day of term will be Tuesday 19th.

We would like all outstanding fees settled before we close so please come and talk to Sara if you have any problems.

Sadly outstanding fees has become an issue and in some circumstances we may need to take legal action. We do understand that sometimes this things are out of your control so please keep communicating with us so that we can help as much as possible.


We are pleased to announce that the latest Ofsted Inspection has graded our childcare facility as GOOD!

We narrowly missed being graded as outstanding on two points:

  1. Children having the opportunity to develop their own care, e.g. pouring their own drinks and serving their own food at snack time.
  2. The link with reception curriculum could be improved by including activities that the children are studying in class.

We shall be working on these two points over the next few months but would like to take this opportunity to say a massive well done to the staff, parents and carers and wonderful children that we have the pleasure of caring for.



We seem to be experiencing a large amount of outstanding balances at the moment.

All fees need to be settled by Friday 20th March as we need to complete our end of year accounts.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with regards to payments please come and talk confidentially to either Sara or Kate.

We will also be reviewing our late fees as we are now being left with uncollected children on a regular basis. Although we understand that there are sometimes circumstances outside of your control (e.g. traffic jams dues to accidents), unfortunately we incur charges for late use of the hall and the on site manager.

As soon as we have agreed the policy changes everyone will be informed.   

Spring is here!

We are really pleased that the weather is now turning the corner into spring and that we can now start planning some more outdoor activities.

The children have all been superstars this term and we are so proud of their caring nature towards each other and all their wonderful social skills. Well done parents and carers, your children are a credit to you!


We hope you are all settling into 2015 and that the new year brings you love, luck and happiness!

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for our lovely Christmas gifts and cards and to clarify our procedures.

If you register your child for set days, these sessions will have to be paid for regardless if your child attends or not.

This is a result of staff being booked in to cover the session and to ensure that ratios are maintained in accordance with OFSTED regulations and to ensure that costs for food purchases are also covered.

If you are late collecting your child we totally understand that this can sometimes be out of your control and we will ensure your child remains safe with us.

If lateness becomes an issue, a late fee of £2 will be charged per every 5 minutes.

This fee is imposed because we need to keep staff on site for safeguarding and we also have to pay an additional fee for extending our use of the school facilities.

Could we also remind parents and carers to ensure that their fees do not run into large amounts before they become an issue.

We are currently experiencing large numbers of overdue fees which can prove very difficult to manage when completing end of year accounts.

If you need clarification on any of the above points please come and visit Club and speak to any member of the senior management team.


Important information

From Monday 29th September all junior children will no longer enter club by themselves.

Children will be taken to the junior school hall by a member of school staff and club staff will register and collect them from there.

Infant children will enter the club as per normal routine, via the infant school hall with a member of staff.


Welcome back to the new school year everyone.

Rise Park Infant and Junior Schools are now under an Academy Trust and we are really enjoying watching the new vision for the two schools unfold.

All the children have settled back really well and we are especially proud of the the new reception children that have joined us.

During the transition period, if you would like your reception child to attend Breakfast Club please let us know any special arrangements. Currently a member of staff has been taking the children into their classrooms as per the staggered start and the children are then signed in by their class teacher.

We are experiencing some issues with regards to the late collection of children at the end off the school day. Please be aware that the session time ends at 6pm and children must be collected before then.

We do understand that circumstances sometimes mean this is not possible and we shall make allowances in certain situations.

Should you collect your child past 6pm on a regular basis then late fees will be charged.

Should the late collections continue for a further 4 sessions then these fees will be doubled.

Unfortunately we need to keep staff back for late collected children and this incurs costs to the club as well as the school. The late fees do not cover these costs so please try and keep us informed whenever possbile.

We feel really blessed to have so many supportive parents and carers and such lovely children attending our club. Please feel free to discuss and issues or ideas with either Sara or Melanie as we welcome your feedback.


We are all looking forward to the end of term as it seems to have been a very long and busy one.

The children are all invited to our end of term party, if your child already attends on that day it will be business as usual!

If your child does not usually attend on a Wednesday but you would like them to come to the party, please book them in with one of our staff and the cost will be as per usual session charges, £10.

The Breakfast club is proving to be a success and we are really enjoying having the children with us despite the very early starts for our staff!

If you are interested in your child attending please see the link to the left.

We would like to wish all of our children an amazing summer holiday and look forward to hearing all their news when we return on Thursday 4th September.


We are all looking forward to starting the summer term and hopefully burning off all our Easter egg eating calories with lots of outside activities.

Outside activities inevitably comes with bumps and grazes. We do apply plasters to the children but if you would prefer us not to, or would like to provide your own then please see Sara or Melanie when collecting your child from the afterschool club session. 

We are also very excited to be opening our breakfast club on Tuesday the 22nd of April. If you would like more details on the breakfast club sessions then please see the information page to the left.

It has been a very busy spring term but the children have been amazing. They have produced some incredible pieces of arts and crafts and even managed to save all their cookery items for mums and dads to see.

We are so impressed that our little ones have such a kind and caring nature and that is a credit to the supportive parents and carers that attend Rise Park School.


Happy New Year!

The staff would like to thank all the parents and carers for their lovely cards and gifts. We feel very blessed to have such supportive parents.

We are starting the new term off with the focus on cookery.

The children will be decorating biscuits, making cakes and buns and creating their own fruit salads.

We've had some wonderful donations from parents who have had a clear out since Santa's special visit and the items are greatly appreciated.

We hope to have the parent surveys out before the end of January but as we have just had some good news, please bear with us.

The Afterschool Club has been given the go ahead for a Breakfast Club!

We are aiming to open in April so watch this space.


It's getting close to that busy Christmas period so here's a little update.

We will be holding the Club Christmas party of Friday 20th December.

If your child normally attends club on a Friday there is no additional charge. If your child does not attend club on Fridays but you would like them to attend on the party day, the charge will be £10 as per normal session.

We have Christmas activities, games and food on this day and we welcome any donations of food or prizes.


Rise Park Out of School Club is in the process of negotiation, for a Breakfast Club for all children that attend Rise Park Infant and Junior Schools.

The Club would be located in the Junior School and would run from 7.30am every morning (children can be dropped off up until 8.20am) during term time.

During the Club session the children will be offered a breakfast selection of Toast, crumpets, muffins, fresh fruit and various cereals as well as fresh juices, water and squash. The activities will include drawing, puzzles, board games, reading and homework help and we would also have a DVD/CD playing of the children’s choice.

When the session is complete the children will be accompanied into their class by our staff and registration taken as normal. At this time we expect each session to cost from £3.50-£5 depending on interest.

If you would like to register your interest please complete the slip that your child will bring home on Monday and return it to either the Junior or Infant School office. Should there be a large demand then places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


Welcome back to all our children and staff.

It's already been a busy few days and it has been lovely to hear all the holiday news from the children, parents and carers.

We have taken delivery of some new items for the club and as usual the children have played with the empty boxes far longer than the actual contents!

One of our special purchases has been a huge flat screen TV and we hope to have a connection sorted for the Dance Mat and Wii within this week. If you have any instructions for your child's computer use could you please let Sara or Melanie know so that a note can be made and all staff are aware.

We have also renewed all of our art resources and it's hard to tell who is more excited, the children or the staff.

Parent and Carer surveys will be going out next month to ensure that we have the views of all the new members, but please feel free to contribute any views, ideas or opinions at any point.


All the staff would like to say a huge thank you for the lovely gifts and cards that we received. We feel very lucky to work with such kind and caring children and supportive parents.

We've been working hard this summer to get things ready for the new school year and the new children that will be joining us.

If you have registered your child for a place but are waiting for them to go full time before they start with us, please feel free to pop in and let your child get to know the staff and other children.

We have invested in some new outdoor play equipment so fingers crossed that the weather holds up.

We also have new uniforms that will make it easier for you to spot staff under the bundles of toys, art supplies and lost property! Please label all the children's clothes and if possible, their lunchbox.

Enjoy your holidays and we look forward to seeing you in September.


It's been a busy term so far as we prepare to say goodbye to our year 6 children. Some of the children have been with us since we first opened the club 7 years ago and I'm sure there will be a few tears shed on their last day.

Year 6 parents/carers please remember to notify us of your child's last day and don't forget to remind them to come for a visit in their lovely new secondary school uniform. We are always amazed to see how grown up they look.

There will be a number of school trips over the next few weeks so please make sure we are aware to watch out for your children at different times.

We are hoping to arrange a party for the last day of term and information will follow in the next few weeks.

We will be offering the children ice poles if the weather continues to be good. Please be reassured that we provide ice poles that have no added sugar and use natural colourings.

The children are really enjoying outside play at the moment but inevitably we get a few playground scrapes and grazes. We clean any injuries with water then we apply a plaster. Please let us know if you would prefer us not to use plasters or wish to provide your own.

Sand and water play will be out this week so we will try very hard to make sure that the children do not finish a session too wet!


Melanie, Leslie, Yvonne and Mandi all renewed their First Aid Qualifications this month. Well done ladies!

Holly has now been promoted to Senior Play leader for all of her hard work and refereeing skills. Well done Holly!

Francesca and Tabitha have joined the Club as Students. They have settled in and been a real asset. Thank you.

The children really enjoyed big box play this month. Who knew that boxes could be made into so many different things and keep children so excited?

We have invested in a tent for the children to play camping. They were thrilled with the new addition and we kept a rota for who could use it next. The tent is a jelly bean design and has a see through panel at the front. Please feel free to have a look when you are next in club.

A big thank you to all our parents and carers for their positive feedback. We are thrilled that you are so happy for all the care that we provide for your little ones.