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Rise Park Out of School Club

Terms & Conditions

Children’s records must be kept up to date. The Club must be informed of any changes i.e. doctors, telephone numbers including emergency contacts, and change of address.

If your child requires prescribed medication, the details must be entered on a medical form.

If any accident occurs to your child whilst attending the Club, the staff will enter the details on your child’s accident form and you will be required to sign this to show you have been informed.

If for any reason you wish to withdraw your child from the Club, we will require written notice as follows:

If your child attends the Club for 1-2 sessions per week then 1 weeks notice will be required.

If your child attends 3 or more sessions per week then 2 weeks notice will be required

Please note – Full payment of fees will still be due for this period.

Payment of fees should be made on the first day of attendance for that week. Individual payment arrangements will be negotiated between the Manager and parents/carers.

On the first day of attendance, parents/carers are required to pay a £25.00 deposit along with the fees required for that week. The deposit is refundable on the child’s final day at the Club, providing that two weeks notice in writing has been given stating that the child will be leaving, and providing that fees are paid up to date.

If the fees are not paid on time, the Club will notify the parent/carer in writing and request payment at the earliest possible opportunity.

The Manager has the right to issue a formal warning to the parent/carer and inform them that continued late payment will result in their child’s place at the Club being forfeited.

If fees are paid persistently late or not at all with no explanation, the Club will be forced to terminate that child’s place.